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Self-Publishing And Marketing From the Trenches

Self-Publishing And marketing From the trenches” will assistance guide you away in the pitfalls and cash traps that await the self-published writer. It’ll maximize your budget, save you time, and help you publish specialist publications, ebooks, and audio publications inside the worldwide marketplace. With 30 years inside the trenches and various novels to his credit score, Peter H. Zindler presents invaluable self-publishing insights, ideas, and recommendations, so do not miss out. Discover the best way to join the ranks of great self-published writers like Hemingway, Twain, Kipling, Shaw, Byron, L’Amour, and Zane Grey.

* The internet along with other new technologies have leveled the publishing and marketing and advertising playing fields.

* All writers possess the opportunity to grow to be globally released authors.

* This year or so, new self-published titles outnumbered traditionally printed titles.

* Digital ebooks and audio books are about the rise and are important to selfpublished writers.

* Self-publishing is a important advantage for gaining access to agents and conventional publishers.

“You got me really excited about self-publishing as a first choice for publishing….” Jeremy Scott Golden

“I was very glad to attend your workshop, and I am most encouraged to self-publish….” Ann Wadsworth

Self-Publishing And marketing From the trenches

Publisher : Innovo Publishing, LLC
Author : Peter H. Zindler
Narrator : Bob Souer

Peter H. Zindler has authored several books, stage plays, radio exhibits, newspaper content articles, and TV pilots. He and his wife also founded their own publishing organization, David Bauer Press. His books have won a number of awards, and he wrote, created, and directed a children’s radio present in Los Angeles for the year. 3 years right after getting above a Christian critique party, four new writers started to be published, as well as the team had 13 books released in total. He is an impassioned speaker having a heart to determine unknown writers realize their dreams and visions via the printed word. He is also an associate minister for a Touch From Above Ministries in Ramona, California.

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